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From Business Planning, Business Set-up & General Accounting Services.

Do you want to set up a new business we can handle it for you. We will also provide helpful information for different business structures that might suit your business plan.

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Business Plans
  • Business Development Plan.
  • Cashflow and Budget Preparation
  • General
  • Accounting & Bookeeping Services.

If you are planning to buy or sell an existing business. We also offer services for:

Business Due Diligence
Business Valuation

Forensic Accounting

Integrity is everything!

Do you know if your business is complying to Statutory requirements?

With our expertise we can give you peace of mind to ensure that your business practice is acceptable.

Do you know if one of your business partners or trusted employees are doing the right thing by you and your business? We are not just Accountants, we are Forensic Accountants.

Many businesses are losing their momentum due to hidden irregularities. We can help you to DETECT FRAUD in your business.

  • Financial Record integrity review
  • Review of Internal Control to minimize or eliminate
  • fraudulent activity.
  • Fraud detection
  • Financial Crime Investigation

Business Coaching / Business Consulting

If you are a Company Director and your focusing on the day to day operation of the business, you might oversee some business strategies on how to keep your business on track of success.

We review your financial management and analyse your cashflow to help you understand which direction your business is heading.

  • Profitability check
  • Cashflow Management Analysis
  • Review of overall financial and business status
  • Strategy business growth

Why hire us?


We have skills and knowledge that all kinds of businesses



We provide quality services.

Personal approach

We will be with you in every step of the way

We are reliable!

We always strive to deliver what our clients need for their businesses.

General Business Services

- From Business Planning to monitoring
- We can help set up new business in Australia
- We provide accounting services
- We also provide Business Due Diligence
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Strategic business coaching Services

- We check your business cashflow & profitability
- We recommend steps for business growth.
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Business Forensics

- We check if you're business is complying to regulatory requirements.
- We detect fraud and irregularities.
- We implement internal control system to prevent fraud.
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